Getting started

To start using OpenGPSTracking you really need 10 minutes. First thing you need is the OpenGPSTracking account which is free. So, you need to register. You will be prompted just for username and valid email address. During registration you will receive an email to activate your account. Also, this email will contain unique device ID  which is unique identifier for your device. You will have to enter this ID into GPS tracking mobile application downloaded from our website to pair your device and user account.

Next, you need to download and install the free GPS tracking mobile application to your cell phone. At the moment, we support Android and the devices that support Java (J2ME). Either you use, you have to enter the device ID received upon registration at In Android application just tap the preferences button at the bottom on the screen which will lead you to the preferences screen. If using J2ME application go to Preferences -> Device and enter device ID into Device ID field and press Save&Back in the menu. Android application supports only embedded GPS receiver. The J2ME application on the other hand, supports external GPS receiver as well. To use external GPS receiver you have to set it first. In Preferences -> Device for the Device Type choose Bluetooth Receiver. You also need to specify Remote device name and Remote device address. In case you don't know these parameters (which probably is the case) switch your GPS receiver on and use Tools -> GPS Device Discovery to select it.

And that's it. Log in to your OpenGPSTracking account, go to the tracking page and check the position of your device on Google map.