Fleet vehicle tracking

The main purpose of opengpstracking.com service is to give the individuals ability to track their goods in real-time and record their trips. Fleet vehicle tracking would request much more investments in hardware, hosting and software development, and since we are just a couple of enthusiasts doing this mostly because we like GPS stuff, we don't have a budget for a serious development. We all do a full time job beside this.

The main limitation to use opengpstracking.com for fleet vehicle tracking is the limit of one device per account. So, the possible solution would be to create different account for each vehicle in a fleet. Also, at the moment we are developing a "premium" features, that will provide trip statistics like distance, average speeds, travel and parked time, elevation profiles, data export and so, so maybe at some point this service may be useful for somebody who need fleet vehicle tracking and doesn't have so much vehicles in a fleet.

But for now, we guess fleet vehicle tracking is not what we can provide to our users.