Android GPS tracking application

Android application is pretty simple to use. There are almost no settings and configuration in it. When you start the application for the first time, after splash screen you will see the safety warning. It just gives you some advices regarding safety. Once you accept it, it won't bother you anymore.

On the main screen there are five buttons in total. Three buttons on the top of the screen have pedestrian, bike and a car icons. These are to choose the tracking plan depending on if you are walking, riding a bike or driving a car, a boat or a plane. You can switch between tracking plans during tracking process. No need to restart it. At the center of screen there's a large button with "Play" icon on it. This is to start tracking. Once you start tracking, button's icon will change to "Stop" and button will slowly fade-in and fade-out so you know the tracking is in progress and the application didn't block. At the bottom of the screen there's a preferences button. Taping this button will lead you to a preferences screen.

Preferences screen contains three settings. First is device ID. This is where you enter the device ID received upon registration at Second is to start tracking automatically, meaning anytime you start the application if tracking is not in progress it'll be started. In case device ID is not set this option will be ignored. Third option is to skip safety warning at startup. Uncheck this if you want to see the safety warning again. Preferences button on the main screen is disabled while tracking is in progress.