Our basic idea was to create lightweight GPS tracking service that would cost nothing. Well, since nothing is hard to achieve, we had to create GPS tracking solution that is close to free. By using GPS enabled devices like many people have (mobile phone with embedded GPS receiver or an external GPS receiver and a bluetooth and java enabled mobile phone) and public maps APIs (like Google Maps) only internet traffic should be paid. Having this in mind, we've tried to create smart application that  will use less traffic and bring costs close to zero.

The next goal was to make it simple and easy to use with a setup which will require not more than 10 minutes for a user to position himself on the map. So, we've ended up with the following: user has to download and install cell phone tracking application to the cell phone, do some basic configuration, register on the web site and start tracking. And really, this can be achieved in 10 minutes.

And finally, we have a plan to make this project open source, so everyone can contribute and/or use it for custom tracking solutions.