New Service & New Name

We are happy to announce that we have released a new version of our service under a new name. Now we are called "Rec A Track" and from now on, all of our development will point to that service. We will keep this website live but we recommend everyone to switch to the new one. New web site is mobile friendly, has a full-screen map, supports multiple devices per account, route labeling and much more. Android application is now on Google Play and uses more precise algorithm and gives better results. Give it a try here:


What's this?

Open GPS Tracking service turns your smart phone or a tablet into a tracking device. In short, you install the application to your device to record its movement. Check the Demo page to see how it works. The service is totally free, but remember that your mobile provider will charge you internet traffic made by your cell phone. Interested in fleet vehicle tracking? Read more Fleet vehicle tracking.

Fleet vehicle tracking

The main purpose of service is to give the individuals ability to track their goods in real-time and record their trips. Fleet vehicle tracking would request much more investments in hardware, hosting and software development, and since we are just a couple of enthusiasts doing this mostly because we like GPS stuff, we don't have a budget for a serious development. We all do a full time job beside this.

Getting started

To start using OpenGPSTracking you really need 10 minutes. First thing you need is the OpenGPSTracking account which is free. So, you need to register. You will be prompted just for username and valid email address. During registration you will receive an email to activate your account. Also, this email will contain unique device ID  which is unique identifier for your device. You will have to enter this ID into GPS tracking mobile application downloaded from our website to pair your device and user account.


At the moment we support GPS tracking for Android and the old-fashion Java application for mobile devices (J2ME). There are no special requirements for any of these since both applications were designed to support majority of cell phone models. On the other hand, we encourage you to use Android application since it is under heavy development and the J2ME application is not maintained anymore.

To download the application, point the web browser of your cell phone to or download it here:

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