New Website Launched

We are happy to announce that we have recently released very new version of our service released under a very new name: Rec-A-Track. New web site is mobile friendly, has a full-screen map, supports multiple devices per account, route labeling and much more. Android application is now on Google Play and uses much more precise algorithm and gives better results. Give it a try here:


OpenGPSTracking is a free GPS tracking service that allows you to track your cell phone in real-time. You can use it to record your car, boat, bike or pedestrian routes. Check the Demo page to see how it works. The service is totally free, but remember that your mobile provider will charge you internet traffic made by your cell phone. Interested in fleet vehicle tracking? Read more Fleet vehicle tracking.

Ready for free GPS tracking?

After months of working one or two hours per day on this, we can finally announce that alpha is out. Feel free to download application and try it. For installation instructions check the Documentation page. Remember this is alpha release and some bugs will probably come out. We've mplemented this following our own feeling how it should look like and the idea to make it as simple as possible. So, now we would like to hear you ideas how to make it better. Looking forward for your feedback.

Close to alpha

Alpha release is comming soon. Finally we've been able to finish the web part and just need to fix couple of bugs in mobile application. Then we'll make it available for download. Hopefully this will be within a month.

Implementation in progress

Just a quick update on what is going on. Map is installed (you have to register to see it) and now we are implementing filter so you can choose what data and for what period to display. This is not going so fast since we are all doing another jobs for a living, but we hope soon there will something you can try. Cheers!

Basic setup is in progress

We are currently working on basic web site setup. We've installed Drupal, found appropriate theme and now we are adding content. Next, we have to do some fixes in tracking application (j2me based) and implement data display on the web site. Hopefully won't take too long before you will be able to try it.

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